Team Captain

Martin Štarman

+420 732 208 171

Czech Technical University in Prague

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Technická 4

Praha 6, 160 00


Our team is based at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague and has about 30 members. I was founded in 2007, which makes us the oldest formula student team in the Czech Republic. We regularly occupy the front partitions of international races and even have 2 overall victories. All this thanks to the use of state-of-the-art technologies and the effective transfer of know-how between generations of students.

Individual technical subgroups each focus on the design of aerodynamics, chassis, suspension, electronics, and powertrain. Students get in touch with technical, communication and language skills in practice. 


Our newest car has gotten a new front axle suspension system, which allows us to isolate the heave and roll components of the driving forces. The new sidepods have increased engine cooling efficiency and, together with the optimization of other aerodynamic elements, have improved the flow around the car. The protection of electrical harnesses has also been improved. Thanks to the use of a new generation of carbon fibre wheels together with low-profile tires, up to 8 kg of rotating masses have been saved. Along with other design modifications to the entire car, the total weight stopped at just 187 kg.

The next car will be called FS.14 and it will be the only one in the country to have a hybrid powertrain. We are going to add electric motors to cooperate with the internal combustion engine to the front axle.

Formula Student

Formula Student (also known as Formula SAE) is an engineering competition for university students. It was founded in the USA in 1981 in order to increase students‘ technical skills before entering a practical career of engineering. Since 1998, there is also a European branch. Both competitions have the same goal and almost identical rules. There are now over 500 student teams around the world who have to design, build and test a new race car every year.

The competition has 4 dynamic and 3 static disciplines, which comprehensively test the team's ability not only in terms of the car's driving performance, but also in other areas. The project provides a great experience and career preparation for future engineers.

Static Events

Engineering Design Report (150 points): Judges evaluate the car in terms of the design solutions used and the maturity of the design. The solution must be supported by calculations and simulations.
Cost Report (100 points): The price of the car and the correct calculation of its production price in the eventual real-time production are assessed.
Business Plan (75 bodů): The team needs to defend a plan for mass production of our concept car in front of representatives of a fictitious company.

Dynamic Events

Acceleration (75 points): Acceleration of the car on a 75m long track with a solid start.
Skid-Pad (50 points): Drive on an eight-way track where the transit time is assessed to assess the suspension qualities.
Autocross (150 points): Drive on a narrow technical track to evaluate acceleration, braking and maneuverability. It also serves as a qualification for Endurance.
Endurance & Fuel Economy (350 + 50 points): Endurance race tests all car systems at a 22km long race with a driver change halfway. Fuel consumption is also evaluated.