Like all professional racing cars, our monoposts also feature an extensive data logging system that can be likened to a black box on the aircraft. The recorder records quantities such as temperature (water, oil), pressure (fuel, oil, CO2) and distance (shock absorber). These values ​​are processed after the test or racing and are used for optimal chassis adjustment, but mainly for indicating possible faults.

In order to monitor the state of the formula in real time, it was necessary to develop a wireless data transmission system, also referred to as telemetry. This system consists of a transmitting and receiving unit. The transmitter is located in the car and reads information from the CAN bus that is wirelessly transmitted in the 2.4 GHz (Wi-Fi) frequency band to the receiver that is connected to the computer via the USB interface. Transmission is possible with direct visibility at a distance of approximately 300 m. A Java application has been developed to display the data, which is easily transferable to different platforms and can be run on a mobile phone or tablet.

3D Printing

Electro-Pneumatic Shiffting