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FS.01 is a car for one driver. Equiped with combustion engine with volume 599 cm3. Acording to rules also equiped with 20mm restrictor.

Base for this car is tubular spaceframe. Engine and suspension is attached to the frame and frame creates safe cocpit for driver. Bodywork is made of glass fiber.

The transmission of torque from the gearbox to the drive wheels is through chain secondary transmission. The drive axle is equipped with a Torsen differential.

Technical Parameters

Frame:Tubular welded frame made out of structural steel
Maximal Vehicle Dimensions:2873 / 1437 / 1195 mm
Wheelbase:1700 mm
Wheel track:1240 mm (front and rear)
Weight of the Vehicle:339 kg
Longitudinal Weight Ratio:42/58 %
Wheel Suspension:Independent suspension of all wheels
Tyres:Michelin 16/53 R13
Wheel Rims:7″x13″
Engine:Yamaha YZF – R6 (2007)
Number of Cylinders:4
Bore:67 mm
Stroke:43 mm
Engine Displacement:599 cm³ 
Compression Ratio:12,8 : 1
Fuel:RON 98
Maximal Engine Power:57 kW at 11 500 rev/min
Maximal Engine Torque:47 Nm at 11 000 rev/min
Drive:Second gear
Differential:Torsen 012000 TBR 3:1
Cooling:2 radiators including fans, electric water pump
Brake System:Disc brakes on all wheels, adjustable brake ratio between rear and front wheels, discs of 251 mm diameter with Willwood calipers in the front and discs of 220 mm diameter with AP Racing calipers in the rear
Electronics:Multifunctional steering wheel, electro-pneumatic sequential shifting system