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FS.04 is known as Black Mamba for friends and competitors, especially for its nice coat of carbon fiber. After the successful 2011 season with FS.03, we knew we were close. Instead of designing a brand new car, we’ve decided to focus on the weak spots and optimize them. As a result, the car is lighter, with better driving characteristics and better drive dynamics.

In particular, the frame was modified, the engine moved closer to the driver, reducing weight and also reducing losses in the power chain. The changes also touched the front of the frame, which has been redesigned to make better use of the material and thus further reduce weight. The air intake system is completely new and it has been designed with regard to optimal airflow inside of it.

Similarly, using computer modeling of fluids, exhaust ducts were designed. Both the air intake and the exhaust have helped to achieve better torque, which is therefore higher and available from lower revolutions. At first glance, you can see a new body that has been significantly lightened using advanced carbon fiber technology.

The raw beauty of the bodywork made us so fascinated that we chose not to keep it under the paint.

Technical Parameters

Frame:Spatial tubular frame made out of high-strength steel (15CDV6), TIG welded, equipped with a sandwich floor.
Wheelbase:1610 mm
Wheel track (front/rear):1260/1180 mm
Weight of the Vehicle (without driver):223 kg
Longitudinal Weight Ratio (front:rear):48:52 %
Wheel Suspension:Independent suspension of all wheels, double A-arms of unequal length on both axles.
Damping:Pushrod on both axles, Penske shock absorbers
Tyres:Hoosier 20×7,5 -13 R25B
Wheel Rims:O.Z. Racing 7×13″
Engine:Yamaha YZF-R6 2007, straight-four engine
ECU (Engine Control Unit):EFI Technology Euro 4
Bore:67 mm
Stroke:43 mm
Displacement:599 cm³
Compression Ratio:12,8:1
Fuel:RON 98
Maximal Engine Power:64 kW at 10 400 rev/min
Maximal Torque:60 Nm at 8 700 rev/min
Second Gear:Motorcycle chain 520
Differential:Drexler LSD v2010
Cooling:Forced - sealed intake duct, radiator, and electric fan.
Brake System:Disc brakes on all wheels, 2 circuit system, adjustable distribution of braking effect.
Discs of 238mm diameter in the front, Willwood calipers.
Discs of 225mm diameter in the rear, Brembo calipers.
Electronics:AIM data logger, electro-pneumatic sequential shifting system, complete telemetry.