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The jubilee 5th car was given the name Spitfire. It reflects experience of the old team, successfully handed to the successors. In addition to that, several new ideas were applied in the construction.

In the 2013 season, we decided to further reduce weight of the car and to improve driving performance. We accomplished both, thanks to semi-monocoque chassis and different approach to the suspension kinematics design based on real tire data. The CFRP monocoque was a big step forward. It has been developed since 2010 and only the 94th design was manufactured, after passing FEA stiffness and modal analysis. Weight of the chassis was reduced by 8kg.

Spitfire is our first car to obtain aero package consisting of front and rear two-element wing. Thanks to downforce of 500 N available at 64km/h, the maximum of 2,3 g lateral acceleration was achieved.

The brake system now uses lighter components and floating disc bearings. The entire wheel group has been completely redesigned and the possibilities of setting the suspension geometry and suspension parameters have been increased.

Technical Parameters

Frame:Carbon fibre sandwich monocoque, spatial frame in the rear manufactured from high strength steel tubes (25CrMo4), TIG welded
Wheelbase:1640 mm
Wheel track (front/rear):1260/1210 mm
Weight of the Vehicle (without driver):216kg
Longitudinal Weight Ratio (front:rear):45:55%
Wheel Suspension:Independent suspension of all wheels, double A-arms of unequal length on both axles.
Damping:Four-way, adjustable Öhlins TTX25 MKII dampers
Tires (front/rear):Hoosier 20,5×7,0 -13 R25B/Hoosier 20,0×7,5 – 13 R25B
Wheel Rims:O.Z. Racing 13″
Engine:Yamaha YZF-R6, straight-four engine
ECU (Engine Control Unit):EFI Technology Euro 4
Bore:67 mm
Stroke:43 mm
Displacement:599 cm³
Compression Ratio:12,8:1
Fuel:RON 98
Maximal Engine Power:64 kW at 10 400 rev/min
Maximal Torque:60 Nm at 8 700 rev/min
Second Gear:Motorcycle chain 520
Differential:Drexler LSD v2010
Cooling:Forced - sealed intake duct, radiator, and electric fan.
Brake System:2 circuit system, adjustable brake ratio between rear and front brakes.
235mm GOLDFREN brake discs in the front, 4 piston calipers AP Racing CP4227
220mm GOLDFREN brake discs in the rear, 2 piston calipers AP Racing CP4226
Electronics:AIM data logger, electro-pneumatic sequential shifting system, complete telemetry.