FS.06 is the sixth completely developed and manufactured by the CTU CarTech team. Even thought exterior seems very similar to the previous version FS.05, design of technical solutions had experienced huge progress. Passion for the detail is obvious from every part of the car. Each side of the car body is painted to a different colour. Majority of components such as axles, aluminium anodized parts and other components follows this layout which together makes car looking original.

One of the most significant technical changes is using 10 inch wheels instead of 13 inch utilized on previous models. Reduced diameter of the wheel together with developing cutting edge composite structure of the wheel saved 13.2 kg only on set of 4 wheels. Manufacturing of such part would not be possible without 3D printing technology. Other unusual manufacturing technology used on this model is sintering by laser beam. Overall weight of the car was reduced to unbelievable 197 kg thanks to precise design and lightweight components, which sets our team among world top teams using 4 cylinder engines.

Due to the downforce produced by the aero kit, we were able afford to speed up in corners. This system consists of a front 3 segment spoiler and rear wing, which together produce total downforce of 602 N at 54 kph. Peak lateral acceleration measured this season overshot value of 3 g. Safe stop of the car is ensured by the set of custom designed brake calipers. 4 piston calipers in the front and 2 piston designs in the rear axle were milled from high strength aluminium alloy. We also used custom-made floating discs.

Technical Parameters

Frame:Carbon fibre sandwich monocoque, spatial frame in the rear manufactured from high strength steel tubes (25CrMo4), TIG welded
Wheelbase:1578 mm
Wheel track (front/rear):1200/1180 mm
Weight of the Vehicle (without driver):197 kg
Longitudinal Weight Ratio (front:rear):45:55 %
Wheel Suspension:Independent suspension of all wheels, double A-arms of unequal length on both axles.
Damping:Four-way, adjustable Öhlins TTX25 MKII dampers
Tires (front/rear):Hoosier 18,0×7,5 -10 R25B/Hoosier 18,0×7,5 – 10 R25B
Wheel Rims:Custom-made 10 inch CTU CarTech CFRP design.
Engine:Yamaha YZF-R6, straight-four engine
ECU (Engine Control Unit):EFI Technology Euro 4
Bore:67 mm
Stroke:43 mm
Displacement:599 cm³
Compression Ratio:12,8:1
Fuel:RON 98
Maximal Engine Power:64 kW at 10 400 rev/min
Maximal Torque:60 Nm at 8 700 rev/min
Second Gear:Motorcycle chain 520
Differential:Drexler LSD v2010
Cooling:Yamaha R6 water pump, custom-made radiator with electric fan.
Brake System:
Disc brakes on all wheels, 2 circuit system, adjustable distribution of braking effect.
Discs of 205mm diameter in front, 4 piston CTU CarTech design
Discs of 208mm diameter in rear, 2 piston CTU CarTech design
Electronics:AIM data logger, electro-pneumatic sequential shifting system, complete telemetry.