The main task of the wings is to improve the car’s driving performance. In Hockenheimring, where both the Formula Student and Formula 1 ride, the Formula Wing makes the 3-second faster than the wings without wings. Thanks to the downforce generated by the wings, the formula is able to drive corner faster.

The entire external aerodynamics of the car is designed using the Star CCM + CFD software.

The shape of the main profile is taken from the low speed database (Reynolds numbers) database and its resulting size is adjusted to our needs. The wing pressure was subsequently verified during testing, by subtracting the potentiometer compression values ​​at the dampers when passing the section at constant car speeds with wings and without wings.

The difference in test pressure against CFD simulations was only 7 %. An important factor is the weight of the wings. The rear wing is high above the ground and therefore it is necessary to make it as light as possible and not increase the center of gravity of the car. For this reason, the wings were made of carbon fiber, which guarantees sufficient stiffness of the wings while maintaining a low weight (3 kg front wing, 3.5 kg rear wing).

Electro-Pneumatic Shiffting