Carbon Fiber Arms

The suspension system is a key system in terms of vehicle dynamics. With the right kinematics and geometry settings, the car is more manageable and capable of transmitting larger forces in both transverse and longitudinal dynamics. In addition, the axles represent essentially the unsprung weight of the formula. The greater the ratio of the weight of the suspension parts is to the weight of the unsprung parts, the better the tire traction. Reduction of unsprung mass is one of the priority issues of the design.

When using composite suspensions instead of steel, the total weight of the suspension dropped by almost 4 kg.

Due to the use of carbon tubes, extensive research has been needed in the field of bonded joints to make sure that the individual replaced elements transfer the load.

It was necessary to compile the production methodology and then test it experimentally on the tearing machines in the CTU laboratories. This methodology was further used in other parts of the car (wing suspension, steering).

In this season, the composite tubes were used for strength reasons on axle-loaded elements (pushrods, steering elements,etc.). For the next season, after the further research, a more extensive replacement of the steel elements for carbon tubes and further reduction of the weight of the unsprung masses.


Carbon Fiber Rims