Carbon Fiber Impact Attenuator

A look at the history of automotive racing can be terrifying for many, as earlier deaths on racing tracks were no exception. In recent years, the area of ​​car crash has passed through a significant development, with a significant decline in fatal accidents being real evidence. Even these modern elements of the design of racing cars were not omitted in our monopost.

The nose to absorb the impact energy was inspired by Formula 1 cars. It is made of a carbon fiber composite and, in the test, should stop the 300 kg vehicle at a speed of 7 m/s with a maximum average deceleration of less than 20 g.

Its development was engineered to a high level, as it was accompanied by a number of experiments and simulations that could support the theoretical evolution of impact absorbers in the future without the need for a large number of impact tests. Material model of MKP simulation performed in the VPS software package provided by MECAS ESI was calibrated on the basis of impact tests of small tubular samples, which we owe the company Comtes FHT a.s.

This material model was subsequently used for FEM simulating the impact absorber of our vehicle. Their use was designed not only for the shape of the deformation member, but also for the layup of the composite. Designed shock absorber was made by the cutting-edge preimpregnated carbon fiber technology known from Formula 1. Subsequently, with the support of KTG s.r.o. we did a real crash test. The result can be regarded as a success because it not only fulfilled all the prescribed rules of the competition but it is lighter than the previous one, and at the same time it is the first composite impact absorber designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

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